Pneumatic conveying-, dosing- and injection-systems: Decades of experience in this field have given us the confidence to design, manufacture and realize our core items with the required accessories for our customers on demand.

We commit to each project for the transport, the dosing and the injection of bulk material such us carbon, lime, DRI, filter-dust and alloys with precision and utmost care. Right from the start of a new project our focus is directed to the specific necessities and require- ments of each client in order to provide a custom-made solution - a technical solution on demand. Our main target is the processes' optimization, the increase in productivity and the quick amortisation of investment costs.

Each product and each system STEIN provides is designed and realised acc. to the relevant international standards. The quality of our products and of our know-how is emphasized by the certification acc. to DIN ISO 9001:2015.