Silos and silo accessories
All silos are designed acc. to the static requirements; they are made of mild or stainless steel.

Silo accessories:
  • discharging and fluidizing cones, also made of stainless steel
  • discharging systems for trucks
  • dosing and weighing equipment
  • filling line with protection device
  • filter technology
  • level control by radar, micro-impulse and standard/ overfilling protection
  • heat and gas detection equipment
  • CO2 -shielding for storage of inflammable material
  • butterfly valves, sliding gates, ball valves and other accessories

  • Piping and piping accessories
    In order to avoid high costs - caused by a production stop and/or maintenance downtime - STEIN develops and utilizes solely components of a long service performance. This is of great importance especially in the field of piping, as this is subject to abrasion.

    Piping accessories:
  • reversing pots S-ULT, high wear resistant
  • injection and purging nozzles SSD from DN 15 up to DN 200
  • Down-Flow dosing injectors SPI from DN 6 up to DN 200
  • special dosing valves with ceramic for continuous regulation of the quantity during injection
  • Diverters with 2 or more outlets
  • Shock-cleaning-system S.C.S.L.
  • conveying hoses for different applications
  • water-cooled injection sockets for the EAF-roof