We think on a long-term basis - this is the keystone our engineering is built on. The design and the conception of each system is carried out acc. to the state-of-the-art and the technical and practical requirements of our customers; environmental and safety aspects are taken into consideration just as the optimal piping route and the dimensioning of our dispensers and the conveying pipeline.

Our construction department, which is equipped with the latest technical devices, enables us to act as advisors to our customers right from the start of a new project. This kind of consultancy and engineering guarantees the smooth implementation of our systems into complete solutions - it must be kept in mind that the availability of these solutions does influence the operating result of our customers directly.

Engineering for silos

Especially the engineering for silos makes extended demands. Numerous technical aspects have to be taken into account; static calculations must be carried out. In this field of engineering environmental and safety aspects must be paid attention to.

Our competence and our know-how enable us to supply our clients just with the silo-engineering including the static calculation. This means that the silo can be locally manufactured by means of this engineering. In these cases we manufacture and deliver the silo accessories as well as the other required system components.