Specific technologies on demand - this is the way we respond to the requirements of our customers. These technologies have one target in common:

  • easy handling of our systems
  • easy maintenance through the operating staff
  • optimization of the processes
  • increase in production
  • decrease of the energy costs
  • reduced costs of production per ton steel
  • realibility
  • quick return on investment

Please find a few samples of our latest technologies below:

Multipoint - Injection - Process (MPI - Process)
The patented Multipoint - Injection - Process is applied for the simultaneous injection at the three hot-spots of the electric arc furnace. Our technology makes an individual injection at the hot-spot of either the same or variable quantities possible.

Top - Injection - Process (TIP - Process)
The TIP - Process has been developed and patented by us in order to treat and to alloy steel melts during the period of tapping and in the ladle or ladle furnace. The allowance of carbon for the purpose of carburising in the ladle-furnace has been simplified by the introduction of our technology. Furthermore it is now possible to inject the carbon in the steel melt in a directed way. By applying the TIP - process our customers can benefit from the reduction of the operational costs especially in comparison with the costs caused by the wire feeding and the deep injection processes. The TIP - Process has already proven to withstand the most strenuous condition and use.

Desulphurisation technology
The desulphurisation process is applied for the ladle furnace in order to achieve least sulphur contents at the end, in order to improve the oxidic degree of purity and in order to enable a micro alloying with alloy materials which are oxygen affin. CaC2- or Mg-mixtures are injected into the scrap ladle for the achievement of the desulphurisation. The design and the implementation of the complete technology are supplied by STEIN.