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Pipelines and their accessories

Piping and corresponding piping accessories form the basis for pneumatic conveying. In order to avoid high costs - caused by production and/or maintenance downtimes - especially in the piping area, STEIN develops and uses only high-quality components with a long service life.


STEIN offers following pipelines and accessories:

  • Pipeline with a diameter ranging from DN 15 up to DN 200, with all kinds of flanges
  • Reversing pots S-ULT (optionally with wear-resistant linings)
  • Conveying- and purge nozzles ranging from DN 15 up to DN 200
  • Down-Flow dosing injectors ranging from DN 6 up to DN 200
  • Mixing nozzles
  • Pressure sockets with pressure transmitter
  • Ceramic dosing ball valves, for realisation of a stage-less conveying rate
  • Pipe-Distributors with two or more outlets
  • Shock-cleaning system S.C.S.L
  • Conveying hoses for numerous applications
  • Lime-injection socket for the furnace roof, water-cooled