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Deep-Injection process for ladles

Liquid pig iron or liquid steel is desulfurized by injecting one or more bulk materials at a defined injection rate. To achieve the desired steel quality, hot metal desulfurization is often upstream of the BOF and secondary metallurgy downstream of the EAF. For this purpose, STEIN offers injection technology for the defined injection of e.g., CaC2, CaSi or CaO. As for the injection technology, three variants are available:

  • Mono-Injection: Injection of one single bulk material – easy process
  • Co-Injection:    Injection of two different bulk materials. More flexible, less time & less costs for the desulfurization process
  • Multi-Injection: Injection of three different bulk materials. Highly flexible and highest saving in time

Systems for desulfurization also require the refractory-coated immersion lance with associated lance hoist unit and further accessories such as the ladle flushing system for injecting in the desulfurization agents. By choosing STEIN, you receive all components from a single source - optimally matched to each other.


  • Fast reaction of the injected bulk material with the melt in the ladle
  • Lower operation costs in comparison to other addition processes
  • Injection technology and lance hoist unit by STEIN
  • Integrated emergency flushing
  • High yield (up to 99%)
  • High dosing precision

Our injection systems offer the following advantages:

  • Anti-clogging system.
  • Dosed charging of the bulk material into the furnace
  • Integrated regulating and control valves for transport media and bulk material
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Complete automation possible through stand-alone control or integration into the furnace control system