Ladle, Ladle Furnace (LF) and Torpedo cars

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Injection technology for ladles (Top Injection Process)

In addition to common injection technology at the electric arc furnace, STEIN has developed several processes for the ladle / ladle furnace.

Re-Carburization of the melt:

  • Injection of carbon into the flushing spot inside the ladle (originally patented by STEIN)
  • Injection of carbon into the melt stream during tapping

Deoxidation of the melt

  • Deoxidation of the melt by injecting aluminum inside the melt stream during tapping

Injection of ferrosilicon into the ladle:

  • Re-Introducing ferrosilicon fines into the manufacturing process by injecting them into ladles

Depending on the desired application, the injection process can be carried out using fixed injection lances or movable lance hoist units.


  • Increased safety for process and personnel
  • Fast reaction of the injected bulk material with the melt inside the ladle
  • Lower operating costs in comparison to other addition methods by using cheap injection lances made of carbon steel.
  • Injection technology and lance hoist unit by STEIN – optimal set-up
  • High yield (up to 99%)
  • High dosing precision

Our injection systems offer the following advantages:

  • Anti-clogging system.
  • Dosed charging of the bulk material into the furnace
  • Integrated regulating and control valves for transport media and bulk material
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Complete automation possible through stand-alone control or integration into the furnace control system