Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)

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Injection via the roof at the electric arc furnace

In addition to the side wall lances and the manipulator, the pneumatic injection of bulk materials into the electric arc furnace can also be carried out via the roof of the electric arc furnace. The injection process is carried out by means of water-cooled injection nozzles, which are aligned in the delta or the hot spots of the furnace, depending on the desired application.

With the proven STEIN injection technology, up to four injection points can be operated with one system.

For the injection through the furnace roof, two applications have proven themselves:

Injection of lime as a slag forming agent

  • Direct injection of lime into the delta of the electric arc furnace

Injection of dolomite lime as a hot spot protection

  • Direct injection of dolomite lime into the Hot-Spots of the electric arc furnace


  • Faster slag reaction and simultaneous Fe-reduction of the slag
  • Savings in lime consumption and energy in comparison to usual addition-methods
  • Saving time by injection of lime already during the melting process
  • Injection rate up to 450 kg/min possible
  • Improved logistics (Transport and injection of lime via pipelines = self-enclosed system)

Complex and maintenance heavy conveying belts with resulting dust emissions are obsolete.

Our injection systems offer the following advantages:

  • Anti-clogging system.
  • One system can supply up to four injection points
  • Dosed charging of the bulk material into the furnace
  • Integrated regulating and control valves for feed media and bulk material
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Precise dosing of the bulk material to be injected
  • Complete automation possible through stand-alone control or integration into the furnace control system

Exemplary system layout