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Silos and Silo accessories

In addition to the renowned pneumatic transport and injection technology, STEIN also offers the option of complete engineering for silos or silos themselves. Particularly in the area of silos, increased demands are placed on the engineering. Numerous technical aspects have to be taken into account and static calculations have to be carried out. In particular, environmental and safety aspects must be taken into account.

Of course, due to our competence and know-how, it is possible for us to provide the silo engineering including the static calculation to the customer, so that the silo can be manufactured on site based on this engineering. On request, complete silos (normal or stainless steel) including the necessary silo accessories can also be supplied by STEIN.

For this purpose, STEIN offers the following components for equipping the silos:

  • Unloading and fluidising cones, also made of stainless steel
  • Crane systems for the filling via Big Bags
  • Unloading systems for silo vehicles
  • Loading bellows for silo vehicles
  • Dosing and weighing systems
  • Filling pipelines with overfilling protection device and special silo inlet
  • Filtration units
  • Filling level control and monitoring
  • Gas and temperature monitoring
  • CO2 monitoring incl. alarm signal
  • Systems for inertisation
  • ATEX equipment
  • Flaps, ball valves and slide-gates