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Ceramic lined hose

Pneumatic conveying naturally causes wear of the components coming into contact with the conveyed material. In particular, pneumatic conveying of highly abrasive solids results in increased wear of the conveying line, especially where the material flow is diverted. Frequent system downtimes and regular maintenance or repair work are the result.

To counter this problem, STEIN offers wear-resistant hoses with ceramic linings. The Al2O3 ceramic is vulcanised into the NR/SBR hose over the entire inner surface. As the ceramic lining is segmented into individual balls, the flexibility is comparable to conventional conveying hoses - but the service life is many times longer!

Longer service life = less downtime = less maintenance = longer production time

= cost savings!

STEIN offers ceramic lined hoses for pressure and vacuum applications in following dimensions:



That means the hoses are cut to a length specified by the customer and fitted with couplings and maybe heat protection – ready to be installed!

Pressure hose SITFLEX-2000-P

Vacuum hose SITFLEX-2000-V






The ceramic hoses can be fitted with a wide range of different couplings, for example with internal and external threads, flanges or quick couplings. This makes it easy to replace conventional hose systems with ceramic hoses.

Pre-assembled ceramic hoses are also available on request, where the hoses are cut to a length specified by the customer and fitted with couplings.