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Special ceramic lined components

Pneumatic conveying naturally causes wear of the components that come into contact with the conveyed material. In particular, pneumatic conveying of highly abrasive solids results in increased wear of the conveying line, especially where the material flow is diverted. Frequent system downtimes and regular maintenance or repair work are the result.

To counter this problem, STEIN offers special ceramic lined components.
The ceramic (optionally made of Al2O3 or SiC) can be used as a wear-resistant lining in piping components or also in the form of metering elements (dosing ball valves).

Longer service life = less downtime = less maintenance = longer production time

= cost savings!

The custom-made products are designed and constructed according to the customer's wishes and technical requirements.

The following is a selection of special designs offered by STEIN:

  • Ceramic dosing ball valve with actuator and positioner
  • Ceramic dosing gate valve with actuator and positioner
  • Pipeline with ceramic lining
  • Pipe diverters with ceramic lining
  • Ceramic pipe bends
  • Ceramic outlet sections