New Boron Injection System commissioned!

STEIN has developed a pneumatic injection system to inject boron into a converter slag pot during deslagging. The system has been commissioned in a well-known steel plant in Belgium.

The customer is now able to inject a large quantity of boron (350 kg/min) into the slag pot within a very short time.

The new STEIN system is replacing an existing system of a competitor - The new installation will minimize system failures in the future and save costs.

Systems characteristics:

  • Hopper with 6 m³ and dispenser with 1 m³ capacity, small footprint of just 1,8 m x 1,6 m
  • Lump breaker for crushing down agglomerated boron lumps into injectable grain sizes
  • Two outlets at the dispenser allowing individual injection at both converters
  • Direct reaction of Boron in the slag through precise injection amount into the stream
  • Simple installation, individual configuration to customers’ needs
  • “Stand-alone unit” with own PLC for realization of automated injection process


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